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Labradoodle Temperament
labradoodle Temperament
Labradoodle Temperament

Cami takes quite pleasure in weaving in and out of the curtains, getting wrapped up in them and ultimately making me want to stuff her in my bag and take her home.~ Erica Mataya- photographer.

The Labradoodle, in general, is easy to live with and a delightful family member to have. Owners must remember that Labradoodles tend to mature slowly and would benefit from a great foundation in puppy class, daily exercise and a reasonable routine. Labradoodles are intelligent and left to their own accord will tend to find ways to entertain themselves that owners might not be so pleased with. Clear boundaries, fair discipline and consistent redirection along with lots of love will ensure years of joy together.Below are some very common phrases and words used to describe the Labradoodle. Remember, the start they have with the breeder and the continued foundation you lay are the keys to having these wonderful qualities a life long part of your doodles temperament.


Extremely clever They “know” how you are feeling
Love to run and play Sociable
Water dogs Intuitive
Enthusiastic about everything Comical
Service dogs Joyful
Easy going Energetic
Self assured Athletic
Wash and wear Soft and quiet when touched
They love kids Friendly
Laid back Easy to train
Adaptable Approachable
Family dogs Faithful
Curious Snuggly

International Australian Labradoodle Association
International Australian Labradoodle Association International Australian Labradoodle Association