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Our miniature multigenerational Australian Labradoodle, Aria came to us from Spring Creek Labradoodles and we are so delighted with her. She is part of our guardian program and lives with her family at the beach. She is very athletic and loves to run on the shore with her guardian dad and play in the ocean with her buddy KL Amazing Grace (Kaya).

Aria is the ultimate little lady. She is the perfect miniature labradoodle size at 16 3/4 inches. She has a silky non-shedding fleece coat that is a rich apricot color all the way down to her skin. Aria has a very mature personality and is never demanding but will jump at the chance to cuddle and look you in the eye while you share your deepest secrets with her. With a heart to please, a quick mind to learn, and eyes that are soulful and deep Aria is the doodle everyone hopes to have in their home.

Aria’s first litter of Labradoodle puppies is due January 29, 2008. We have bred her for miniature red, apricot, gold and cream puppies. In the future we will be breeding Aria for miniature and medium chocolate Labradoodles as well.

Aria’s testing is complete and she sailed through with flying colors. This is one amazing Labradoodle inside and out!

labradoodle haircut

Aria in her beach friendly summer cut. Notice her rich color goes all the way to her skin. Simply stunning! If you are interested in a companion puppy or a breeding stock puppy from Aria please contact Jenny at


cream labradoodle pouppyFor a peek at Aria’s previous puppies please visit our Previous Litters Page

Mysterious Aria
Date of Birth September 17, 2006
Breed/Grading/Sex Australian Labradoodle - Female
Size Mini 16 ¾ inches, 26 lbs
Testing OFA hip prelim (Excellent), PennHip (70th percentile), PRA, Cerf, Superchem CBC/ Thyroid panel, OFA elbows, Color code Bbee
Breeder Brandi Shurtz-Huffmaster, Sutter Buttes Labradoodles
Owner Mike and Jenny Mairot, Kingdom Labradoodles
Registered name Sutter Buttes Mysterious Aria


Great Grandparents

California Ozzie
Labradoodle Apricot


Canadoodle Primetimes
Labradoodle Red

Tegan Park Surprise Pac
Labradoodle Cream/Apricot

Glintondales Sewanka
Poodle Apricot/Red

Primetime Lacey
Labradoodle Cream/Apricot

Tegan Park Yum Yum
Labradoodle Cream/Apricot

Primetime Alexandra
Labradoodle Black

Spring Creek's
Labradoodle Apricot

Sunshinestar Trusty
Poodle Apricot
Sunshinestar Ginger
Poodle Apricot

Ceneret Houligan Jilly
Poodle Apricot

Spring Creek's Savannah
Labradoodle Cream

Paula's Bo Jangles

Mullen's Little Miss Ellie

International Australian Labradoodle Association
International Australian Labradoodle Association International Australian Labradoodle Association