Australian Labradoodle


This beautiful Australian Labradoodle is the daughter of our precious Miracle.  Her dad is the handsome Noble of Spring Creek Labradoodles.  Both lines are known for their even temperament, sound type, and devotion to their owners.  We were excited about this litter and we were elated with the results!

Cami is that one in a million puppy that everyone hopes to own.  She is comical, snuggly, and bright just like her mom and shows great potential for therapy work.    Cami wants to be in the middle of whatever it is you are doing. 

She loves her people and gets along well with other animals.  Nothing seems to rattle this girl! She is super easy to live with and enjoys a wide variety of activities with her family.  Cami is part of our guardian program and lives with the Cox family and Hannah’s Prayer.  The dogs are two peas in a pod and play with each other and the family kitty all the time. 

labradoodle paws

She has a super soft, deep chocolate, fleece coat and is a standard size girl. She is able to produce chocolate and cream colored puppies. Her testing results are outstanding.

If you are interested in a big Labradoodle, with exceptional temperament that could be used for therapy work, this is the mom for your Labradoodle puppy!

Date of Birth February 10, 2008
Breed/ Gender Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle- Female
Size Standard 22 inches, 43 lbs
Testing OFA hip prelim (excellent), elbow prelim (normal), DNA color bbEe, PRA type A (via parentage), cardiac clearance, patella clearance, vWd clear (via parentage)
Breeder Mike and Jenny Mairot, Kingdom Labradoodles
Owner Mike and Jenny Mairot, Kingdom Labradoodles
Registered Name Kingdom’s Cami

labradoodle breeding

Great Grandparents

Sierra Vista's Noble Phoenix
Australian Labradoodle Caramel

Tegan Park Neptune
Australian Labradoodle Cream/Apricot

Tegan Park Firestone
Australian Labradoodle
Tegan Park Ariel
Australian Labradoodle Chalk
Spring Creeks' Callisto
Just in Red
Spring Creek's Jilin Silver Bells
Labradoodle Silver

Chicago Sydney's Miracle
Australian Labradoodle Chocolate


Chicago Hershey Bar Kid
Australian Labradoodle Chocolate
Rutland Milky Bar Kid
Australian Labradoodle Chalk
Rutlands Rhapsody
Australian Labradoodle Chocolate
Tegan Park Annie's Delight
Australian Labradoodle Chocolate
Tegan Park Ima Collector
Australian Labradoodle Brown

Tegan Park Anaversary
Australian Labradoodle Cream

International Australian Labradoodle Association International Australian Labradoodle Association