Australian Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is a developing breed who currently demonstrates 3 very different coat types. It is essential that a buyer is familiar with each type and the benefits it affords in order to be completely satisfied with their doodle’s coat.

Labradoodle Hair Coat

Hair coat: F1B Labradoodle, hair coat, slight shedding
This coat is usually seen in early generation dogs. It is harsher in texture, can appear unkept, and may have doggie odors and varying degrees of shedding.

If your Labradoodle has a low degree shedding coat, it must be groomed out. Typically this is a lower maintenance coat.


labradoodle pawline

Labradoodle Fleece Coat
Fleece coat: Open fleece coat, non-sheddingThis is the coat that most people associate with a Labradoodle. The texture should be silky and light. It can range from being almost straight, (open fleece) with just a few waves in it (wavy fleece) to coat that almost has the look of a spiral perm (curly fleece). Regardless of the wave or curl this coat must be groomed in order to remain mat free.

There should be no body odor and little to no shedding with this coat. Although it is typical to find the occasional “dust bunny” around the house with this coat, this coat is frequently acceptable for people with allergies.



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Labradoodle Wavy Coat

Wavy fleece coat: non- shedding







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Labradoodle Curly Fleece Coat

Curly fleece coat: non- shedding




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