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Early Spay/ Neuter

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All our Labradoodle puppies that are sold as companion pets are spayed/neutered prior to leaving us. Many buyers have questions about early spay/neuter.

To help answer these questions we have provided a letter from our veterinarian and some additional links to help you understand the process and the pro’s of doing the procedure early.

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Dr. Sandy Fink DVM, West Orange Veterinary Clinic

Spaying and Neutering of Puppies

The safety of de-sexing puppies at 8 weeks of age is well established in the U.S., with thousands of surgeries performed over the past 10 years.  In the past, it was believed that a female should have one heat cycle and a male should go through puberty before neutering, to prevent arrested growth and development. Many research studies have proven that spaying and neutering at 6 months of age or younger prevents infections and cancer of the breasts, ovaries, uterus, prostate, and testes with no adverse effects on bone growth, body size, and urinary continence.  Recent, long-term studies of young puppies neutered in shelters continue to find no difference between pets that have the surgery at 2 months versus 6 months of age.

Some veterinarians are uncomfortable performing anesthesia in pediatric patients; however, modern anesthetic techniques are extremely safe when performed correctly. Our experienced veterinarians will spay and neuter your puppy before you take him/her home.  The incision will be very small and young puppies recover rapidly, rarely experiencing any pain afterwards. 
The most important benefit of early spaying and neutering is the prevention of indiscriminate or accidental breeding.   Many breeds of dogs have been “ruined” by inexperienced breeders, resulting in serious health and behavioral issues. Selection of Labradoodles for breeding requires extensive (and expensive) testing for hereditary and genetic problems as well as an understanding of breed specific traits in order to continue producing the superior quality Labradoodles we have now.       

International Australian Labradoodle Association
International Australian Labradoodle Association International Australian Labradoodle Association