Australian Labradoodle

labraoodle breedingWhat words can we use to tell you about our gorgeous boy Judah? He is everything we had hoped for and more! This guy is put together beautifully, has gorgeous amber eyes that he passes along to his kids, is smart as a whip, loves to please, and is a snuggle bunny like none other!

Judah is a medium size Australian Labradoodle with stunning chocolate coloring that has golden highlights from the Florida sun. He enjoys the company of the other dogs and loves to welcome guests to our home with his charming ways.

He as already given us 3 gorgeous litters and we looking forward to many more. Thank you Carol from Southern Charm Labradoodles for allowing us to use Brutus with our Whisper to produce this amazing boy!

Size Medium 40 lbs 19 inches at the shoulder
Hips OFA prelim app # 1414608 GOOD PennHip .51/.45 60th %
Size OFA prelim app # 1414608 GOOD





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