Australian Labradoodle
Aria and Chico

Aria and Chico gave us 6 apricot beauties on 8.17.08. These fleece coated Australian Labradoodles will grow to be large mini to small medium in size between 16-18 inches and between 30 and 40 lbs, possibly smaller. We do have 1 male available from this litter. These puppies will be going home October 13. If you are interested in a companion or breeding puppy please contact Jenny at

Aria is 16 ¾” and weighs 26 lbs. She has outstanding rich apricot color and a beautiful non-shedding fleece coat. Aria is a very special girl, outgoing, friendly and athletic but she definitely has a mature side to her. She is quite content to lie on her guardian’s bed or couch and oversee the daily events. She is tender and intuitive and we hope she passes along her amazing traits to her puppies.We bred Aria to Chico from Puppy Love Labradoodles. Chico is 17” and weighs 35 lbs.

Here are a few words from Chico’s mom. Chico has the most amazing, loving personality. He has simply never met a person that he didn't adore instantly. He is unfailingly happy. He loves to play with any other creature that is willing. He has even made friends with cats. He can rip around the field and wrestle hard one minute with grandma’s big black lab and then gently roll around on the floor with his puppies that are less then 5 weeks old. When he gets excited he quivers from head to toe and does a little dance in one spot. His little body can hardly contain his happy and excited energy! He makes everyone around him just feel good. He is also a stunning example of a Labradoodle physically. He has a perfect fleece coat that has never been prone to matting that is silky soft to the touch. He is heavily boned with a very Lab like build. He has produced spectacular puppies with the same easy going, fun loving temperament. We absolutely adore Chico. He is a forever member of our family.

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