Australian Labradoodle

This stunning Australian Labradoodle is an exciting addition to our program. Whisper is the daughter of the famous stud Casper and she bears many of his desirable traits including a fabulous coat. Yes, it is a soft and luxurious as it looks in pictures! Whisper is also very special because she carries the parti gene. That means she can have solid colored puppies as well as chocolate and white and black and white babies!

Whisper is super sweet and is totally devoted to our family. She enjoys doing whatever it is we are doing and loves to be near us when we are just hanging out. She has the funniest habit of “toy collecting” and it is always easy to figure out where she has been based on where the biggest pile of toys is located.

Whenever she gets a toy from the basket she prances through the house as if she just got a huge T-bone steak and no one else can have a bite. She is breathtaking to watch run and is very bright and willing to please. We are expecting Whisper to have her first litter in the spring of 2009. Keep an eye out for our first parti babies!

Date of Birth November 14, 2007
Breed/ Gender Australian Labradoodle- Female
Size Expected to be a medium
Testing OFA hip prelim (good to excellent), elbow prelim (normal), DNA color Bbee, PRA type A (via parentage), cardiac clearance, patella clearance, vWd clear (via parentage), CBC/thyroid panel
Breeder Krista Waitz, Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles
Owner Mike and Jenny Mairot, Kingdom Labradoodles
Registered Name Rainmaker’s Spirit’s Whisper

Great Grandparents

Tegan Park Casper
Australian Labradoodle Cream

Tegan Park Poppa Bear
Australian Labradoodle Cream

Tegan Park Bobby
Australian Labradoodle
Tegan Park Bear Essentials
Australian Labradoodle
Tegan Park Violet Crumble
Australian Labradoodle
Tegan Park Shannon
Australian Labradoodle Cream
Tegan Park Chocolate Chip Cookie
Australian Labradoodle Cafe

Rainmaker Stella Dallas
Labradoodle Cream


Rainmaker's Bentley of Danbar
Poodle Cream
Cc's Odyssisus' Argos
Poodle Silver
Sydney Lucka In Brown
Poodle Brown
Rainmaker's Lucky Roxie 02
Labradoodle Black
Dan-Mar's "Big Ben" Jamin
Labrador Yellow

Rainmaker's Roxianna
Poodle Black


International Australian Labradoodle Association International Australian Labradoodle Association