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...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

labradoodles labradoodles

Hi Jenny,
Look how big Talon is getting! He is so handsome and well behaved.

He is doing fine and we are enjoying him very much.
Take care,

Ambar I.

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

Hi Jenny,

labradoodle puppiesThis is Ambar Ibanez, we picked up Talon on January 2nd in the morning. Talon is doing fantastic! I am absolutely impressed how smart he is and how fast he is learning.

The first night with us wasn't that good, though. He barked, cried, and whimpered a lot. But we let him inside the crate regardless of that. We just checked him once during the night to make sure that his crate was clean, and that everything was ok. The second night, last night, was so much better. He slept without complaining until 4:30 am. That wasn't that bad!

Today, he did great during the day. He is learning the process of going to the bathroom outside very fast. I'm doing as you said, I take him out first thing in the morning (very early, 6 ish), and then, I take him out immediately after every feeding. We praise him and reward him with a treat when he goes. He enjoys playing with the boys and going out for short walks. He seems to be very happy. And I have to admit that I am already in love with him.

Not to mention the boys! First dog we have, and I already feel that I want to have more! I love Talon's temper. He is so well behaved, and so calmed. He is eating well and sleeping well during the day! He is definitely the new sensation of the neighborhood! We are making arrangements to have some puppy training lessons. I'm sure we can all benefit from that.

Anyway, I wanted to give you an update about Talon. He is doing very well and we are giving him lots of love and education.

Here are some pictures we took at home.

Ambar Ibanez

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

labradoodle allieJenny,

I checked out your beautiful puppies on line – all 26 of them!- you must have your hands full! Of course I want all of them but the truth of the matter is I have The Perfect Puppy in Allie (Natalie Wood). She just turned 14 weeks and we took a 3+ hour road trip to visit family in Wellington, FL. She was PERFECT in the car – coming and going – and a real lady at my brother’s. She checked everything out and was very calm about it all. I took her for several walks and she enjoyed sniffing out new terrain. When it was time for us to eat I put her on a regular leash, (like the Monks of New Skete) put the end under my foot and she lay down and just chilled while we ate. Unbelievable. I brought her nighttime crate so when it was time for her to go to sleep, she was very happy to be familiar with her bedding. She went right to sleep without a whimper.

Every day she surprises me with something new. Here’s another example: I have a rather significant hearing loss and wear hearing aides. Even with them I can’t hear my door bell. When I’m expecting company, I have to stay in the front of the house so I can see them when they arrive. So, I recorded the sound of my doorbell on my iPhone. On the first day, every time I played it and Allie came to me, she got a small treat. By the end of the next day, even when she was out in the yard and heard the bell, she came flying in to the house to alert me. She’s so smart, my little “service” dog.

I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again – I am so grateful to you for this marvelous dog. She is truly special and I’m so appreciative.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

- MJ Wood

...from a Mercy/McClane litter 2012 Kingdom Labradoodle owner

labradoodle puppiesI just wanted you to see how kahlua looks now, and thank you again she is perfect. We love her so much and someday will be getting another one, she has been the best dog.

Thanks again Crystal and Huy


...from a Whisper/McClane 2011 litter Kingdom Labradoodle owner

labradoodle breeding
Hi Jenny,
I wanted to share a photo of Ollie, taken on his 10 month birthday. He now weighs 48 pounds, is well behaved and a delightful companion.

Thank you. Smiles,
Jan Cafasso.

...from a Star/McClane 2012 litter Kingdom Labradoodle owner

labradoodle labradoodles labradoodles

Hi Jenny,

Just wanted to update you on Charlie's adventures! This summer Charlie learned to paddle board! He also loves going out on the boat.Heespecially loved lobster mini season down in the Keys! I have attached three pictures for you! We have had so much fun with Charlie this summer.

He is so easy going and loves life! He's getting so BIG! He currently weighs 34lbs. He gobbles down his Acana now! Hope all is well!

Thanks, Stuart and Rachel Woodward

A Mercy/McClane pup from Kingdom Labradoodles

labradoodleA quick updated photo of Abbie on the boat a couple of days ago She absolutely loved the boat! Getting bigger every week.

Abbie weighed in at just over 20 pounds at her last vet visit. She's very popular at the doggie day care/water park and in the neighborhood.

We are having so much fun with her. She's so smart and affectionate. Uses her paws to communicate all the time and recently mastered walking down the stairs. Took a little coaching but she's a pro now.

Hope all is going well with you!

Kristine & David


...from a Kingdom Labradoodles owner


Hi Jenny. I can’t believe it - - Lola is 4 years old today!. Chico and Aria’s litter born August 17, 2008.

Here is a recent picture of her at camp, where she plays, swims and has a great time. She actually looks like she is smiling in this picture and I think she is.

From the day I met Mike at the airport and brought her home with me, she has been the sweetest, most delightful and most delicious dog anyone could hope for. Hope everything is going well for you and your family.


A Zoe/Luke pup 2011 from Kingdom Labradoodles

Dear Jenny,

Daisy is one year old today. What a gift of joy she is to us. We passed the Therapy Dog classes and now visit nursing homes. We were also asked to attend a luncheon where the trainer talked about the program.

Daisy is still very much a puppy with some of her enthusiasm... but if our purpose in life is to add joy and love to others, Daisy surely does that with flying colors.

Live well, Laugh often and Love much

...from a Kingdom Labradoodles owner

labradoodleDear Jenny,
I wanted to send you a message to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for my puppy, Nola. She is eight months old now and what a joy. She is the most well balanced dog I have ever known.

She is really a happy-go-lucky girl....always happy and laughing ( hysterical! She shows all of her teeth and laughs!) She is bright, affectionate, gets along well with everyone she meets - human or animal- and everyone adores her.
She just learned to swim and she is insanely proud of herself. Previous to this, I set up the sprinklers for her and she and I ran through them together with the frisbee to cool off.

labradoodlesI never would have believed that at 50 years old, I would be running thru the sprinklers like a kid again. She is such a gift, Jenny, and I am so greatful to you for her!
I hope you and your family are healthy and happy,
Carrie Hansen
P.S. I attached two pictures, one is of us after a run in the sprinklers and the other is a picture of her blowing bubbles with her nose in the pool...

...from another Kingdom Labradoodle owner

Hi Jenny,

labradoodlesI thought you would like this photo of Emma with her groomer/dog walker. I have decided not to cut her hair till we go back to Florida early July. I have an expert groomer in Wellington Florida and I would prefer that for Emma's first hair cut. Emma has a 2 hour walk and swim on the beach every morning and then lives in air conditioning so she is fine.

Emma is amazing and very funny and has regular playdates with the Labradoodles around the corner from us and tomorrow she has a playdate with a Wheaten Terrier she loves. Bertiedog my 9 year old Wheaten does not really like to play with her but they obviously love each other and he goes to the play dates just pottering around the gardens.

Hope all is well with you all and I just want you to know you have produced the most amazing puppy in Emma. By the way she now weighs 43lbs and is as tall as my Wheaten. We thought she was going to be small?

All good wishes Cilla

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner (from Star/McClane 2012 litter)

Hi Jenny,

labradoodlesWe are so in love with Charlie! He is everything we could have hoped for and so much more. He has definitely become attached to Rachel. He's her shadow! I have attached a few photos that we took off him these past few days. The first photo is of him in his bed. He loves his bed! The second photo is of him after a short walk around the block.

He was pooped after! The third one was taken of him today snoozing and enjoying the air conditioner in the car. We met with Pat yesterday and he was very nice. Made us feel comfortable leaving Charlie there with him to train. Thanks for recommending him and thanks for taking such good care of Charlie!

Hope all is well.

Thanks, Stuart and Rachel W.

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner ( from Jewel and Connor 2012)

Dear Jenny,
labradoodle puppyI cannot express how thrilled we are with Mulligan!  He was the perfect traveler…no accidents in his carrier and calm as could be…I opened the door and let him look out while in the airport and he did not make a move to get out…just charmed all the onlookers (and me). 

He slept through the night and plays, then naps, then plays, then naps….a great schedule for all of the loving family members here. 

He is so affectionate and responsive to all of us.  We are so appreciative of the start you gave him.  You and Kingdom Labradoodles did EVERYTHING to make him the wonderful puppy he is.  Thank you so very much.

We go to the vet at 3pm.  Will let you know when the appointment is completed.


...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

Hi Jenny,

Labradoodle TestimonyI wanted to send you a picture of Murphy(From Murphy and McClane Sept. 2011) He is 7 1/2 months old already! We are doing great! I thought it was a great pic!

- Allison

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

Hi Jenny,

valentines_day_labradoodlesI just had to share these pictures with you. Cappy had her picture taken for Valentine’s day at Woof Gang Bakery and they are too cute. She is a wonderful puppy and is all we could have asked for. She make me smile just looking at her adorable face. Everyone always says she looks just like a stuffed animal and I have to agree.  

She is just as cuddly as she looks.  Sunday was her first visit to the Dr.Philips dog park and we ran into Brando/Brodie. They played and had tons of fun. It was great to talk with his owners. Turns out Cappy is just like him!  She runs like the wind and loves toys.  Thank you for such a great addition to our family!

Jessica + Clint

...from another Kingdom Labradoodle owner

Labradoodle Puppy BreederHi Jenny,

Daisy is now 7 months and a real joy to us. She is a great traveler and is friendly to all people (young and old), and other animals.

In January she will start training to be a Therapy Dog. If we pass the test in March we will be part of St.Luke's Canine Crusaders and visit hospitals, and nursing homes. She may be a little young this year... so if we don't pass we plan on doing it again next year.

I cannot thank you enough for this loving, gentle dog.I thought the picture showed how she has grown into a remarkable Labradoodle...

Live well, Laugh often and Love much

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

LabradoodlesHi. I've been wanting to send you a picture and tell you about Tula. She turned 1 on 10-7 and was from mercy and maclanes litter (if you remember she was almost twice as big as the rest of the litter).

She is absolutely precious. Such a good girl! Very calm, gentle and sweet. While she's silly and goofy most of the time she still sits proud and almost wise like- seems like an older dog.

Her coat is incredibly soft, doesn't shed at all and she's a very tall girl and weighs 48 lbs. From the pictures on your website she looks identical to her dad Maclane. We couldn't be happier with our Kingdom Labradoodle little girl. She is a true gem.

The Alexander Family
Tim, Michelle, Christian, Kyle and Mia

...from another Kingdom Labradoodle owner


A Labradoodle Reference for Kingdom Labradoodles I just thought you would like to know how well Emma has settled in she is really amazing and nothing bothers her. We went to the Vet yesterday and all was well and the microchip was in place. Emma goes for her next Injection on the 21st does that sound right? My vet does not give the one you don't advise... Lepto.

My 8 year old Wheaten Terrier is having a problem but I am sure that is quite normal. He wants to be with Emma but does not like being nipped and who can blame him. I tap her lightly on the nose and sometimes she stops! She sleeps from 9p.m to 6am as you said she would in her crate and no messes.

She is now eating very well 6a.m. and 4p.m. a half cup at each feed but the plate is empty so I need to put more in as you said. The grandchildren are enchanted by her and she is so sweet with them. What an amazing personality you have raised and she is very smart at running in the garden for the tennis ball. I am very tired as you can imagine at my age but coping well and more of the family come in this weekend so I have lots more help.

It is so funny the only new thing Emma has is her crate everything else is Hand me downs. You will see a photo of her in Bertiedog's bed with all his toys. She also has a great carry on for the car which she is strapped in with the seat belt. I highly recommend this one and as I said before play the music. I love the food and will keep Emma on that as long as possible as it is so healthy.

My Vet said she wanted a Labradoodle as soon as she saw Emma and she has your card.

With our love Cilla, Bertiedog and Emma

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

Hi Jenny,

labradoodles references
I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how THRILLED we are with Tebow!! How did we get so lucky to get the BEST puppy in the world?? Of course puppies are puppies so he can be a stinker, but even when he's a stinker he's awesome. He's 30 lbs now. I just adore all his facial expressions and he has the adorable head tilt of his mom when you talk to him. We call him the stealth puppy because he won't be anywhere in sight, then you'll turn around and there he is with his little head tilted saying what's up? He is my 8 year olds best friend - they are so perfect for each other!!

The trainer says he's got one of the best personalities/temperaments she's seen. I was like "not all puppies let you cuddle and snuggle with them?" He can tolerate just about any noise. I can totally see why you emphasized training so much. I can see if we let Tebow "go" he would turn into a completely crazy dog - can see a little of that when he plays with my son during play times.

labradoodlesI used to roll my eyes when people would say having a dog helps you live longer and happier - but now I'm a believer! It is impossible to look at Tebow for more than a few seconds without smiling. I've had perfect strangers come up to me and say "that is the happiest puppy!" He's a total extrovert and loves everyone and everything - a little too much at times which is why the training is so great. His best dog friend is a 5 lb black shorkie across the street - they are hilarious to watch when they play together.

I wanted to thank you for all the effort you put in to raising great puppies and for providing our family with such a blessing!

All the best,

Debbie U.

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner (a Miracle Puppy)

Australian LabradoodleThis is Grace my daughter and Aussie my "son" at the Kent County Youth 4-H Fair, after they won the 13-15 year old dog agility competition. Also, they won Grand Champion in the category of 13-19 year olds!

This is Aussie's second year in 4-H. Grace and Aussie haven't been able to compete in the rally, obedience, or showmanship both years because of travel conficlt. Next year they hope to do well in all of the competitions. Aussie has been a great dog! He has truly become another member of the family. Each day we enjoy Aussie's spunky personality and playful behavior.

I hope all is well at Kingdom Labradoodle

Kevin E.

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner

Hi guys,

As a professional dog behavior consultant I work with many dogs who are plagued by physical or psychological issues that could have been prevented with careful breeding. Jenny works hard to screen her breeding stock for health and temperament issues. Her dogs are gorgeous, happy and very trainable. All of Jenny’s dogs are sold with agreements and health guarantees that ensure the proper care for her dogs and are a sign of a highly reputable breeder. I applaud Jenny for the work she is doing.

Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., PDBC, CDBC, NADOI Endorsed, CAP2,
List Owner Animals Learning Concepts and Hearing Challenged Dog Sports
Courteous Canine, Inc. Lutz, FL USA, Results the FUN Way!

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner (2 are Miracle's pups and 1 is a Ruth puppy - Triton sired 2 of these pups.)

labradoodle reference
They say, "THREE TIMES A CHARM!!!" Well, we did it! Three doodles from you, all under the age of two. Some people say we are crazy, but we love our Kingdom doodles. We picked up our little "Cooper" November 9th and he is absolutely wonderful addition to our family and fits right in to our wild and crazy home.

Koda, Dezzie and Cooper are all related! Miracle is Koda and Cooper's mom and Triton is Dezzie and Cooper's dad. One big happy family!

Our first days home were just like when we brought Koda and Dezzie home. He slept through the night from the first night on. Now, we just say night-night and off to sleep he goes. Cooper, like the others potty trained within the first couple days with an occasional accident and is learning to ring the bells to go out. As I am sitting here writing this, Cooper just rang the bell for the first time to go out and potty. What a smart boy he is! He already sits on command, shakes and downs with verbal and hand cues, he comes when called and we are working on stay and leave it.

He loves to learn and has great eye contact, especially if it means he will get a click and a cookie. He even lets us know when it is meal time, he goes to the kitchen and starts nipping, standing and scratching at the food bags. We are using only positive reinforcement with him trying our best to ignore all bad. That means when he does his puppy nip, which is nothing compared to what Koda used to do, we try to ignore him or yelp like a puppy. I will tell you his little teeth are like needles and if they don’t come out soon, I am going to get some pliers and take them out myself! LOL:) It is so fun to try to work with him because then I have all three working and doing the same thing and trying to out-do each other. Koda is back at his service dog training and finally paying attention now that the newness of Cooper has worn off. Koda absolutely adores him and I swear he thinks he is his dad. As you can see in some of the pictures, Cooper finds Koda where ever he is and will just lay as close to him as he can. Dezzie, tolerates him, maybe she is realizing she is not the baby anymore, she nips at him and growls and Koda shows up from nowhere to protect him. Siblings will be siblings and I know she will be fine with a little time! labradoodles

I must say having three doodles in the house a blast and watching them play and tug with tug toys is even better. In the beginning, Dezzie would tug on the rope and Cooper looked like a little chocolate mop flying across the floor, now he is getting so big that the tug game has turned and he gives Koda and Dezzie a run for their money. Now, the trick is to get them to rough house outside instead of inside, because when all three get to play fighting and barking at each other it does get a little loud.

Thank you Jenny and Mike for providing us with such wonderful labradoodles. We have absolutely no regrets owning 3 doodles under 2 years old and I really think it is easier with three than with two. I truly don’t know if I could say that if they came from a different breeder. Koda, Dezzie and Cooper came to us with such a wonderful start.

labradoodlesFor those of you thinking about purchasing from Kingdom, I will say, "Don’t hesitate, if you do, you may miss out on one of the best puppies you could ever own!" Jenny and Mike only breed the best of the best!! Kingdom Labradoodles are brilliant, hypoallergenic and they never meet a stranger.

The best part about Koda, Dezzie and Cooper is that they came to us with so much love. True unconditional love!!!!!

Jenny, the love and hard work you, Mike and the girls give shows from the day contracts are signed! It is such a blessing to be part of the Kingdom Family. Thank you again, for the 3rd time, for smart and stunning puppies!!


The Goodwin’s (Terri, George, Alyssa, Micah, Koda, Dezzie and L'il Cooper)

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(a Zoe/Triton puppy)

labradoodle referenceMerry Merry Christmas to the Kingdom Labradoodles family!

Our Gracie is such a major part of our family now as she celebrates her 8-month birthday this week. We all are anxiously awaiting her first Christmas morning because she is going to be a real pro at opening presents!

Since we last wrote to you, Gracie graduated from obedience class. We continue the training at home, of course. She is a quick study, which makes it nice for us. One of the best commands they taught us in class is "Leave it." We use that command many times a day and fortunately, Gracie usually will back away from the tempting item.

labradoodlesGracie has become a social butterfly. Her biggest joy in life is to greet every neighbor and/or dog that comes on our street. She sits in the front yard and patiently waits for someone, just anyone to come outside. She sends all the kids off to school and the dads and moms to work every morning...Her newest friend is our UPS delivery guy.

Turns out he has a dog (a mastiff!) named Gracie and so he has a special place in his heart for our little ball of fluff. He brings her a jerky treat every time he stops here. Gracie has many doggie playmates too, including 3 large black labs. One in particular, Maverick, is smitten with Gracie and he brazenly exits his yard each day to come play with Gracie...even as he's being zapped by his invisible fence.

We hope you have a wonderful, blessed holiday.

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(a Miracle/Triton puppy)

Dear Jenny,

labradoodleI have read with such interest all of the notes from other super happy owners of your labradoodles, and decided it’s time to add our thoughts on our wonderful little Tegan.

Since we’ve communicated with you over the last year you are aware of her progress to an extent, but she has continued to flourish in every way and proven to be an excellent traveler! We have driven to New England twice, and she’s been terrific….great in the car (with a special bed of course) often eats best while we’re driving (!) and loves the hotels.

She attracts a good bit of attention wherever we have her, and she is extremely interested in everyone she meets. She is VERY people oriented. We’re still working on labradoodle picthe jumping issue, which is tough for her to break given that she’s still a little girl at barely 17”. She is not to be denied loving even when it risks a jump she’ll get reprimanded for. She’s fast as lightning, and recently on a woodsy walk in NH, she virtually leapt over logs, turning mid-air, and raced twice the distance the rest of us went, wearing out her two dog companions…one even younger than she is!

Maybe we should consider agility training for her…She continues to give the swimming pool a wide berth, and shows, even on the hottest of days, NO interest in going in. Odd for a lab and a poodle!, but we have not pushed it. She would be forever wet.

She LOVES the outdoors, even when it’s super hot in Florida, and in NH when it’s very cold! A true all-weather dog! She spent a lot of time chasing every chipmunk (on leash of course) and the occasional red fox which fortunately she was on leash when she spotted. labradoodle breedingShe too wants to pull a bit and we need to be tougher with her on that. She comes best when we whistle to her, or firmly ask her to COME. We have to limit her time in our large fenced backyard as she tends to get itchy and starts to dig. These are still a couple of things we need to work more on, but she is consistently a very quick learner if we are serious with our intentions.

We adore her, she brings a lot of love to us, and has been extremely good with our littlest of grandchildren. She is going to remain the littlest of her litter we think, just 17” and still only 20 lbs on a hefty day.

She does really have a face that looks so much like her mom, but you would know that better than we do!

labradoodle puppiesThank you so much for this fabulous little brown girl; the tremendous work you all do as breeders and as a family put you way in front as “parents” to these incredible puppies.



Best Always,
Nancy & Peter


...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner......(a Miracle/Triton puppy)

Just wanted to let you know Foster is adjusting very nicely. He is the easiest puppy I have ever had!! We have had no accidents in the house. It's almost as if he was already potty trained! I can't believe how well it is going. He cries at about 5 a.m. to go potty. As soon as I take him outside he does his business. Unbelievable. I introduced the bells on the door to him yesterday and by that evening he was ringing the bells to go outside. He is so smart. I started training him on Sunday. He can do sits with a little bit of stay. He makes great eye contact without any words. He follows well. He does "downs". I am amazed at how quickly he catches on to new tasks.

He had a vet check yesterday and checked out great. The vet has a labradoor but said he wanted a labradoodle now. :))) The office went crazy over him. He was so well behaved too.

Jenny, I couldn't be happier. He has a wonderful soft coat. We are having a fun time with him. Thanks so much.

Kim S.

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(Miracle/ Triton puppy)

labradoodle-reference-orlandoHi Jenny-

We were sitting outside on our deck recently when the wind picked up this can and Rocco came to the rescue! He ran around the yard with it for a few minutes until we caught him and I snapped this photo!
Our life has been busy lately as we have moved into our new home! We are still in the Harrisburg area, actually only 5 miles from our old house. We have always wanted a larger home and it finally all came together! Rocco has adjusted wonderfully and has met so many other dogs in our neighborhood! He is very social with them and LOVES to play! He is still such a baby when he plays with his toys. My daughter commented that he goes through all of his toys and has chewed through so many of them, but hasn't done that to any of the litter toys that you sent!

He gets lots of exercise as I often take him on different routes. But no matter where we go, we get stopped ALL THE TIME by folks needing to know more about him! He certainly is the hit of the neighborhood. My husband jokes that everyone knows Rocco by name, but no one knows him! He really enjoys meeting other dogs and knows the older women who meet him daily and have treats for him! He loves to walk to the bus-stop in the morning with the kids and although he rarely barks, he does begin to bark when it's about 5 minutes before it's time to leave for the bus-stop. It's as if he knows what time it is! He is a little mischievous in the house as far as chewing is concerned, but we are working on that. He always lets us know when he needs to go out and was housebroken at a really early age. Everyone comments on how human-like he is. He is physically very strong and is doing very well.

I am curious as to how he will look when he gets his adult coat. I think he already looks a lot like Miracle! Besides toe-nail trimming and a little trim around his face so that he can see us, he hasn't had a cut yet. I do need to plan that now that we are settled.

We still check your website to see how your litters are doing. They are all
really cute!

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(Miracle/ Triton puppy)

labradoodle-puppy Hi Jenny and Mike,

Just a quick note to tell you we had a great trip home. Our little Jake is officially a Georgia boy now. After picking up Jake yesterday we went back to my son's house. Jake played wonderfully with Nick and Sarah's lab
puppies. By the time we headed to the airport he was pretty tired and we
had a wonderful flight home. Jake and Sadie are doing wonderfully.

They played a lot last evening and both enjoyed a wonderful night of sleep. When we brought Sadie home I used a "cuddle puppy" in her crate. It has an internal heart beat, and you can put a small package of microwaved dry rice inside of it to make it warm and cuddley. I brought it back out for Jake and it seemed to make him very happy last night. He snuggled right up to it, whined just a couple of times and went right off to sleep.

Thanks for giving him such a wonderful foundation. He is so happy and well balanced! We have our vet check up this afternoon and I hope to make it a fun experience for him.


...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(Miracle/ Triton puppy)

labradoodle exampleHi Jenny-

Just wanted to let you know we made it home and Sid is doing GREAT! He's played in the yard, navigated most of the house and pulled out and played with several of his toys. He's completely pooped! I've got to tell you - as soon as we left your house Sid was pretty bummed. He cried for a couple of minutes.

When I'm bummed I listen to my meditation/ relaxing music, so I thought I would play it for him. Within 20 seconds...he was out cold. He slept for 2 hours woke up and played for a few minutes and then began crying again. So...I played the meditation music again. Within 10 seconds out cold. It was hilarious!

Jenny, I need to let you know that this has already been such a positive experience. I can't wait to keep you posted on all of our progress!

...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(Bailey is an Aria/Triton puppy)

labradoodle family referenceHello Jenny,

Just wanted to say Thank You again for Bailey. He is just a loving and affectionate cute dog, he loves every person or dog that he meets.

I have attached two photos of him taken at the local dog park. There is a photographer who comes there a couple of times a week and takes pictures of the dogs. The first one was taken on Labor Day and before I had him groomed and the second one was a week ago after he had his first haircut and yes that is ice that he is laying on. Someone had dumped a bag of ice on the ground for the dogs and he decided that it felt good to lay down on it.

He got an A+ from the groomer for his behavior for his first haircut. Her comment was that he gave great kisses. He will be going for his first kennel stay next month. Hopefully, he will do ok. It is at the place where he was groomed. He now weights 22 pounds. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Your friends,
Kathy & Bailey
...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(Nike is a Hannah/Triton puppy)

Hey Jenny,

labradoodlesIt's Wendy and Mark we are sending you our 3.5 month update of Nike. She is such a great girl! She is very smart, and learned how to use the doggy door within 3 days of being home, and we taught her to sit, shake and lay within 2 days. By the time she started puppy training classes at 12 weeks she was well ahead of the other puppies there. She has a lot of lab tendencies and loves to go in water, (we noticed this when we first got her and she would try to dive into her water dish. We ended up getting her a doggie pool.) She also loves to dig so we take some of her favorite toys and put them in a sandbox for her to find.

labradoodle pup Her name fits her well because she loves to run and she is very fast, and likes to chase our cats around the house! One of the main reasons we got a labradoodle was because of Wendy's allergies, and we are happy to say Nike doesn't trigger any reactions, and doesn't shed. Everyone that meets her for the first time says she is is the cutest puppy they've ever seen, and can't get over how soft her coat is, we are a little biased but would have to agree!

We have so many good pictures of Nike and didnt't know which ones to send. We will send you another update in a month or so, or whenever you would like?

Nike is the perfect first dog for Wendy, she is always so happy to be around us. Thank you for doing such a great job raising our little girl she has adjusted to us, with no problem at all!

Thanks :)
Wendy & Mark

labradoodle puppyP.S. We took her to the labradoodle meetup, she enjoyed it! We are trying to socialize her as much as possible, there were probably 20 doodles running around, it was a riot! She was the youngest one there, but was very outgoing, and even took a plunge into a big dog pool!
...from a Kingdom Labradoodle owner...(Gracie is a Zoe/Triton puppy)

labradoodleDear Jenny and family,

Our summer has been just flying by and I realized I haven't given you a Gracie update in several weeks. Her world is about to change as both of our daughters are leaving on Saturday for college and law school. Gracie will miss them terribly, I'm sure.

Gracie is such a wonderful addition to our family. She is so smart and we usually only have to show her something once and she catches on. So far she has completely mastered potty training, invisible fence training and of course sleeping all night in her crate/room. She can sit, stay, come, lie down and heal on command. In 3 weeks, Gracie begins her obedience classes.

Unlike every other dog we've ever owned, she is exceptionally quiet, and prefers a whimper to a bark. It took us some getting used to her silence: she'd go to the door to go outside and just sit there quietly waiting for one of us to notice her! So, after about a week, we put a small bell on the doorknob and she rings it with enthusiasm when she wants outside.

labradoodlesGracie likes to play with her toys inside or out in the yard and is a whiz at chasing after a ball and bringing it back. She can also jump up and catch it in the air about half the time ( we continue to work on this and catching a frisbee too). She also will collect pine cones, mulch or other treasures and bring them back inside with her.

Mushrooms that have sprung up with all the rain we've had this summer, are particular favorites of hers. She must really like the taste because we've had to pry them out of her mouth several times...Gracie has been to the beach many days this summer and enjoys being in the water. The waves don't seem to bother her at all. She swims really well but prefers to have her feet on the sand at this point.

labradoodleI'll include some photos of Gracie but none of these do her justice. She has this adorable cock-eyed smile. Her coat is so soft and just whirls in waves and does not shed at all. Everywhere we go, people tell us she looks like a stuffed animal! We couldn't be more pleased.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer before the girls go back to school. Until next update...

Debbie L.
...from a Kingdom Labardoodle owner...

labradoodle reference
Hi, Jenny!

We wanted to update you on Shipley... the SWEETEST baby ever:) We are all thrilled beyond words to have her as a part of our family. She is as smart as she is playful, and she is as sweet as she is cuddly. Kona, her brother Vizsla, is finally over most of his pouting and they now play everyday.

We love our Shipley donut with Kona coffee:) He is very gentle with her, and even helps her with her training. You'll see one of the pics where he's helping her with her down-stay:)

labradoodle puppy
Also, she LOVES the pool! She swims on the beach most days when we take her out. She is great in the crate--never had any fussing over that at all, and she's already been on a road trip to Austin with us...We feel so blessed to have found you as our breeder, and we are thankful for all you did to put Shipley in our lives! Please let us know if you EVER need a recommendation/referral. We'd be happy to discuss.

Have a great week! - Brandon, Aly, and kiddos

...from a Kingdom Labardoodle owner...

labradoodle reference puppy
Hi Jenny,

Just wanted to update you on Roxanne and send you some recent pictures. It's hard to believe that she will 1 year old soon. Her coat has gotten more wooly as she has grown and she looks like Zoe more and more. Her disposition is wonderful. She plays with her toys and let's you know when she wants you to join her. She "hunts" the little lizards in the back yard and enjoys playing outside. She is the perfect little girl.


This is your 5 month Harley update. He's doing great. He is just under 17 inches and 20 lbs. I've attached a bunch of photos I took today.

I hope all is well with you and your family.


labradoodleThanks Jenny,

You mean all of your dogs are not this wonderful? :) Harley is my first Labadoodle so it's hard for me to compare him. We just consider him perfect. His coat really is lush and has super-white highlights on his chest and head .. and you gotta love those red ears. He seems to have grown a lot this last month.

Temperament: Harley is very intelligent and easily trained. My daughter taught him to sit in a few minutes and it stuck with him. He is affectionate, energetic, and playful. He loves to wrestle, however, he can get a bit manic and carried away at times (or maybe thats me). When he does I just have him "sit" and he mellows out quickly. It can be a bit more challanging for my wife.

Harley is great with kids. If I am with him and he is approached he will sit and let children pet him without any problems. If I am not with him he will be cautious and curious but not aggresive. He seems fine with other dogs as well.

He's good on a leash, however, he does tend to want to lead. This may be due to my daughter letting him lead early on. But with a little coaching he learned quickly to walk by my side. He has no problems in his crate. He will go in voluntarily if I tell him to and he sleeps through the night without any problems.

labradoodle2He is very loyal and loving to the family. He gets very excited when we come home (its like Christmas everyday for him). He loves sitting with us on the couch. He does tend to get tired of the TV if it's too loud and he will retire to more quiet areas of the house.

Harley likes to test his boundaries. He learns quickly what he's not supposed to do but he will test us just to see if he can get away with it. He was pretty good at potty trainging early, however, he will have a "mistake" every once in a while and I can't help feeling he's doing it to prove something. Not sure what. Like most puppy's he does like to explore everything with his mouth .. or more accuratly, his teeth. We've had to be firm to get keep him from nipping.

All in all, Harley is wonderful! It's hard to believe he's only lived with us 3 months ... seems like he's always been part of the family. And, he's nicely grown into his name -- he really is a Harley! Tell Madison she did good!

I'm happy to hear you're breeding Hannah and Triton again. Seems you've found a very good pairing.

Thanks again. I will update you again on month six.


...from another Kingdom Labardoodle owner

Hello Aly,

Jenny Mairot of Kingdom Labradoodles gave me your name and e-mail address and asked me for a recommendation (since you are apparently interested in purchasing a Labradoodle from her).

choclolate Australian LabradoodleI recently purchased a Labradoodle from Jenny (my puppy is about 10 weeks old now), and I have nothing but praise for Jenny and her entire business. She is an experienced animal trainer, and her love for animals shows in every way.

I did quite a bit of research before I decided to proceed with Kingdom Labradoodles. I contacted other breeders, all of whom had nothing but glowing things to say about Jenny. She is very involved in the Australian Labradoodle Association of America and is clearly concerned about maintaining the highest standards in order to ensure the future of this wonderful breed. Her breeding dogs are top-notch, she takes care of all veterinary needs of her puppies, and she even teaches them a little basic training before she delivers them to their new owners.

Perhaps most importantly, Jenny is a very nice person who truly cares about her customers. She methodically places the right puppy with the right family. She is always available to answer questions and is extremely patient and understanding. I sincerely believe that she will continue to provide this type of customer service and support throughout the life of my dog.

If you should have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.


Another letter from a Kingdom Labardoodle owner...

Hi Jenny,

We can not begin to tell you how much we are loving Duncan! Allie was so cute Monday night and so surprised. She and I were talking about how much we have been missing Brandy and I asked her what did she think we should do to make our hearts feel better and she said “we should get another dog” “a labradoodle”, so with that I said “let’s talk to daddy about it, why don’t you call him in here, with that she calls him and Benjie walked in with Duncan. Her face lit up, her eyes nearly popping out and she was squealing with excitement! She hugged Benjie so tight! It will be a moment we will all remember!!

Duncan has been awesome. He loves to play but he is so willing to chill too! He is just so cute! I gave him a bath today and he even seemed content to do that! We went to our vet today, and they all loved him and said he looked great. His little spots seem to be getting better. I was happy to find out last night that there is a place called Murphy’s that is 5 minutes from my house that sells California Natural. I did not realize the party store that was there had been replaced by this Pet Food Store. I believe you had said that he was fine with any of them. I bought the chicken and lamb today. He seems to have adjusted really well and slept through the night from the night you brought him. He has already found his favorite spots to hang out and is doing pretty well with the potty training. We could not be happier with our little guy!!! I attached a few pictures.

Thanks so much and we’ll keep in touch as he continues to grow!

And another letter from a Kingdom Labardoodle owner...

Hi Jenny,

Hope all is well with you and your family. We are all doing great. Koda is fabulous. He is growing so fast. He is already 25 lbs and I'm not sure how tall, but really tall. He is doing well with his training. He has already done and passed his puppy class. Right now we are doing weekly classes for his service dog training. His trainer is Angelica, he absolutely loves her, I think she is the dog whisperer.

We get about 4 miles from the school and he starts going crazy in the car and barking. He got his service vest and looks so handsome in it. Actually, he looks pretty funny because of all the fluff that comes out around the vest. Everyone talks about him when we have him out, we get stopped all the time. He prances when he walks, as if he is showing off. He is starting a class called Really reliable recall in about 2 weeks, it is a 4 week class and then he is doing the Canine Good Citizen class, hopefully he will pass the test when he is old enough and at that point I think we will do some therapy dog stuff when Alyssa and Micah are in school. I submitted a picture to the mini doodler a few days ago, and you will never believe who contacted me. Rochelle, Noble's mom. In her email she asked if Koda was a puppy of Miracle's and I guess she put the dates together and figured he was the baby of her Noble. What a small world.

Koda went to get his first trim at the groomer a couple days ago and they said he was well behaved. I mess with him all the time, ears, nails, hair in between pads. He is pretty used to it. Just wanted to catch you up on what was going on here and show some updated pictures. In the one picture, the kids are teaching him to walk on his hind legs, well now he realizes he can stand on those legs and reach anything. We keep the toilet paper on the cabinet because he eats the roll, well now we have to keep it in the cabinet. Also, on his own, he learned to paw the closet door and open them. He is too smart for his own good.

Thank you for such a wonderful baby. We truly adore him.


A letter from our veterinarian...

As a veterinarian, I unconditionally recommend purchasing a labradoodle from Mike and Jenny Mairot.
I have been practicing veterinary medicine for over 21 years, and have worked with hundreds of breeders and thousands of puppies.  Unfortunately, many people breed their dogs because they think they can make “easy money” when, in fact; they are totally uneducated and unprepared for such a huge responsibility. 

Responsible breeding involves careful selection of breeding stock.  Both male and female should have perfect pedigrees, physical traits and personalities, but should also be screened for hereditary problems.  Current technology can screen for joint problems, endocrine (hormonal) problems, vision and other defects which could be passed on to the puppies from either parent alone or by the combination of parental traits.  Dogs selected for breeding should have ideal preventative health care maintenance and prenatal care in order to produce puppies with high levels of immunity to viruses and no parasites.   Preventable diseases are common in recently purchased puppies and that is unacceptable. 

Responsible breeding also requires excellent neonatal care to ensure that puppies receive optimal nutrition for normal growth and development.  Puppies should be weighed regularly, inspected daily, and kept under sanitary conditions during their first two months of life.  In addition, puppies must be in a complex environment for proper development of the nervous system and to acquire critical social skills in order to learn how to cope with stress, interact with other dogs, and humans.  Traumatic experiences should be avoided to prevent fears and neuroses which can become life-long behavioral issues.

Lastly, responsible breeders have a close relationship with their veterinarian.  The veterinarian provides preventative health care, genetic screening, breeding and whelping assistance and continuing education to make sure breeders are using the latest technologies. The cost of producing a quality puppy under ideal conditions is much higher, but the end product is well-worth the purchase price.        

Mike and Jenny Mairot are responsible breeders.  They are the most educated, knowledgeable, conscientious and responsible breeders I have ever had the pleasure to work with. In a word, they are perfectionists. They invest an enormous amount of time and energy into every one of their dogs. They raise and love each puppy as an individual, and guarantee every sale. The pups are beautiful, healthy, and well-socialized.  They carefully screen all potential new owners and only place their dogs in exceptional environments.  And finally, no puppy is ever forgotten after the sale--- they provide ongoing support for new owners to insure that they will never regret their decision to purchase from Kingdom Labradoodles.
Sandy M. Fink, DVM      

International Australian Labradoodle Association International Australian Labradoodle Association