Australian Labradoodle

Our miniature multigenerational Australian Labradoodle, Zoë comes to us from Melinda Radus of Sunset Hills in Australia. She is our daughter Madison’s puppy and spends her nights in Madie’s room. During the day she can usually be found playing with the kids or hanging out with her 4 legged friend, Miracle.

She is a wonderful puppy and brings oodles of laughter into our home. Her temperament is everything you could want in an Australian Labradoodle.

She is the perfect “big dog in a little jacket." She has a vivacious personality, and the little girl can hold her own with the big dogs. When you pick her up she melts like butter and loves nothing more than to be cradled like a baby while you rub her tummy.

Zoë is very bright and has already mastered several of her basic obedience commands, multiple entertaining tricks, and the little girl is the best retriever we have. She has such delightful impish ways and everyone who meets her falls hopelessly in love! Simply put she is a joy and the “Life” of the party.

Zoë has an allergy friendly, chocolate, wool coat and will be able to produce chocolate, black and cream/gold/red puppies depending on her mate. She is a miniature labradoodle and she has matured to a perfect miniature 15 ½ inches.

We are very excited about Zoë and the Labradoodle puppies she will bring us. If you are interested in a companion puppy or a breeding stock puppy please contact Jenny at

For a peek at Zoë’s previous miniature Labradoodle puppies please check out our Previous Litter Page

Zoe ( Life) Sunset Hills Sweet Surrender
Date of Birth January 19, 2006
Breed/Grading/Sex Australian Labradoodle - Female
Size Miniature Labradoodle- 15 ½ inches, 22 lbs
Testing vWD, OFA prelim, OFA elbows, Superchem/CBC, Thyroid, prcd PRA, DNA Color bbEe
Breeder Melinda Radus, Sunset Hills Australian Labradoodles
Owner Mike and Jenny Mairot, Kingdom Labradoodles
Registered name Sunset Hills Sweet Surrender

Great Grandparents

Sunsethills Marron' Monte'


Bennetts Brandy
Miniature Poodle
Miniature Poodle
Bennetts Honey
Miniature Poodle
Miniature Poodle

Sunsethills Copper River

Tegan Park Bright Spark
Tegan Park Rustic in Red
Tegan Park Flickering Fire
Rutlands Chilani
Tegan Park Shannon aka Shannon
Rutlands Stella

International Australian Labradoodle Association International Australian Labradoodle Association